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2011 VegasŪ
Reviewer: Gordon Douglas
From: Rio Rancho, New Mexico, United States
Email: gordo22136@aol.com
Date: 01/25/2012
Rider Height: 5' 11"
Rider Weight: 185
Miles/Hours: 1800 miles
Overall Rating:
Specs: Bikers Edge PowerSports Specs
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Nice V-Twin Bike

I know...I don't have that many miles on my Vegas yet. I've not owned a crotch rocket but have had very fast bikes all my life, from a Yamaha XS100, to V-Max's, and the bike I just sold was the Concourse 1400. The Concourse was a superb bike and a rocket ship, equivalent to the Cadillac CTS/V, but it was all covered up with plastic fairings, etc. I needed three different Allen wrenches to change the air filter! Part of the fun of owning a bike is seeing the engine. The Victory fit and finish is great. It has the typical big V-Twin power characteristic. You have to grab a handful of throttle to rev the engine, but it has a LOT of usable power. If you can live with that type of power (I'm starting to like it) the bike will reward you with a lot of fun rides. It will give you 120 mph. if you ask for it but I have no desire to go that fast on two wheels anymore. With great handling it loves to carve in the corners. However, long before you feel like you're at the limits, the foot rests start to drag throwing a little dampener on the fun. I know those tips that stick out are there to warn you but I'm thinking of removing them. The manufacturer needs to bump the rev limiter to at least 6000, maybe 6500. The cams and multi-valve heads work good on this engine. It is pulling hard when you run out of revs a little past five grand. It is easy to work on, looks great as a low slung-cruiser, starts easy, warms up quickly and has given me over 50 mpg. on several tanks. My wife feels better throwing a leg over this bike compared to the 29" high Kawasaki. I think I'm going to like this bike more, the more I ride it. The engine needs to be "unstuffed" with pipes and air intake to realize the potential this power plant can produce. That's in the future.

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